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Justin McLean

James Talbot has been with Adobe for over a decade, on both the sales engineering and training teams, and he has many years of experience working with web applications. He is currently working extensively on building web applications with the Adobe CQ content management platform constructing exciting web, mobile web, Android and iOS applications built on top of a Java Content Repository based on open source standards.

Justin Mclean has been writing code from the early days of the Web. For more than 15 years he has managed his own consulting company Class Software and during that time has worked on hundreds of browser, desktop and mobile applications. He has seen significant changes of technology in the industry, surviving the browser wars and the dotcom bubble. He is also an Apache Flex committer and board member, an Adobe Community Professional, runs training courses and has spoken at numerous conferences all over the world. In his spare time he tinkers about with open source electronics. He is currently based in Sydney Australia.