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Michiel Van Otegem

Michiel van Otegem lives and works in the Netherlands. He is the co-founder and Chief Web development Teacher of ASPNL, a consulting and teaching firm targeting the Dutch and European market. He teaches advanced ASP, ASP.NET, and XML/XSLT classes, and writes articles and tutorials for magazines and Web sites, such as ASPNL.com, TopXML.com, ASPAlliance.com, CoDe Magazine, and asp.netPRO magazine. He has had a passion for programming ever since he wrote his first programs in MSX Basic and Z80 assembler, at age 10. Now, nearly two decades later, he is a pioneer in Web development, quick to embrace technologies such as XML and ASP(.NET). He has worked with a wide range of languages and platforms, including ASP(.NET), Visual Basic, Access/SQL Server, C/C++, CGI/Perl, PHP, and, of course, XML and XSLT. He is a long-time contributing member of ASPFriends.com mailing lists, which he now helps to moderate and improve as a valued ASP Ace member.