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Eileen Forrester

Many people from diverse organizations have contributed their insight and experience to CMMI for Services and are still helping to improve it. The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) continues to play a central role in the model’s ongoing development, as well as in related training and support. The authors of this book have been members of the CMMI for Services Development Team since the model’s inception. Eileen C. Forrester is a senior member of the technical staff in the Software Engineering Process Management program at the SEI and the SEI lead for CMMI for Services. Brandon L. Buteau is a Technical Fellow, technologist, and quality architect at Northrop Grumman and is the lead architect for the model. Sandy Shrum is a senior writer and editor at the SEI and a coauthor of CMMI®, Second Edition, (Addison-Wesley, 2007) and CMMI®-ACQ (Addison-Wesley, 2009).