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Lynette Young

CEO of the one-person Purple Stripe Productions, Lynette Young is 23 year veteran in the technology field, one of the first podcasters to receive a six-figure sponsorship, and is one of less than 500 out of 125 million Google+ users in the world granted the ability broadcast live via ‘Hangout On Air’ any time she pleases. Ms. Young believes that Google+ is the social media future for business. She is the founder and curator of the Women of Google+.  Lynette is a “1st Generation Google+ User” and one of the 50 most circled women in the world on Google+.  She also hosts two shows via Google+ Live ‘Hangout On Air’ a week where she gets to have conversations and interview some of the biggest names in traditional and online media.


Professionally, Lynette has been helping others put their dreams into action as a social media coach, social technology specialist, and a strategist for businesses with social media implementation. An engaging and informative speaker in the social media and technology front, her specialties include Google+, current and future technologies and communication trends.