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Jackson West

Jackson West has loved computers since he was a child and has spent the majority of his life figuring out how to make them sing, dance, and look pretty. Growing up in Seattle, he was exposed to the technological revolution of the last century. Attending the Film and Television Production program at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts exposed him to the world of sight and sound, and he has had digital and analog equipment wired together ever since. Jackson now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he consults on Web programming, graphics, and multimedia applications. He has spent time at a number of top software companies, including Microsoft, Macromedia, and Sonic Solutions. He has written for CNET, McGraw-Hill, and Sams Publishing. He is always looking for ways to be cheaper and faster.

You can visit Jackson on the Web at http://www.jacksonwest.com/, where you can find examples of his goofy creative sensibility and sense of joy with multimedia doohickeys like "The Funky Engineer," "Random Art Generator," and "Political Action Committee Man." Jackson is a polished speaker and would be glad to speak at your next conference. Feel free to email him at jacksonwest@onebox.com.