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Andy McIntosh

Juan Sanchez is an experience architect for EffectiveUI, a leading provider of rich Internet applications, based in Denver, Colorado. He graduated from California State University, Chico, with a B.A. in communication design. Juan’s background is primarily in print design, branding, and advertising, however, his skills quickly expanded into Web technologies like HTML, CSS, Flash, and eventually Flex.


Equipped with a creative eye and logical mind, Juan walks the line between designer and developer. Juan’s interests lie in user experience, usability, designer/developer collaboration, and open source projects. As an active Flex community member, Juan manages ScaleNine.com, a Web site dedicated to compiling skins and themes for Flex. He is a regular speaker at user groups, corporate workshops, and conferences, including 360|Flex and WebManiacs. Juan is also a founding member of Degrafa, a declarative graphics framework for Flex.


Andy McIntosh was one of the first members of EffectiveUI, a Denver-based rich internet application agency. As an experience architect, he specializes in interaction design, custom component development, and programmatic skinning. His recent focus has been on migrating enterprise applications to Flex/AIR based solutions.


Andy attended The Art Institute of Colorado in Denver where he earned his Bachelors degree in interactive media design. While in school, he discovered that merely designing applications wasn’t enough–that he wanted to make them come to life. A lifelong fan of Lego and gadgetry, he learned development by taking applications apart and putting them back together. His attention to detail, in both development and design, add a mark of quality to his work that is second to none. In his own words, “Development is design, but with different tools.”


Blending his technical expertise with his formal training in visual design, Andy has played a major role in successful projects for clients such as Adobe, Workday, Scion, United Airlines, and others. Additionally, Andy is an advisor for Degrafa, an open source declarative graphics framework for Flex.


He blogs useful findings and random thoughts at http://andymcintosh.com.