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Wallace B. Whiting

Richard Turton, P.E., has taught the design and design-related courses at West Virginia University for the past 32 years. Prior to this, he spent five years in the design and construction industry. His main interests are design education and process systems modeling.


Joseph A. Shaeiwitz taught design and design-related classes at West Virginia University for more than 25 years. He now teaches design at Auburn University. His interests include design education and outcomes assessment.


Debangsu Bhattacharyya has more than ten years’ experience in a large petroleum refinery. While in the refinery, he worked in process operations, plant start-up, large-scale process simulation, and process control. His main research interests are in process modeling, dynamic simulation, state estimation, sensor placement, and advanced process control.


Wallace B. Whiting, P.E., is professor emeritus at University of Nevada, Reno. He has been involved in the practice and teaching of chemical process design for more than 24 years.