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Peter Götz

Peter Götz is a consultant, trainer, and coach. He began his career as a Java software developer in 2001 and moved into consulting in 2006. He is also a Professional Scrum Trainer for Scrum.org and has been assisting teams as a Scrum Coach since 2008. As one of the stewards for the Professional Scrum Developer training, he maintains and develops the course material and learning path. He is passionate about software architecture and DevOps and likes to discuss ways to improve the work Scrum Teams do by using modern architectural styles and engineering practices to improve flow. Peter lives near Munich with his wife and their three children, and only has hobbies that start with b: brewing beer, baking bread, and beekeeping. He tried sailing once but only could enjoy it when he realized he was sitting in a boat. Find him on Twitter as @petersgoetz or visit his website, pgoetz.de/en.