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Harlan Carvey

Harlan Carvey's interest in computer and information security began while he was an officer in the U.S. military, during which time he earned his master's degree in Electrical Engineering. After leaving military service, he began working in the field of commercial and government information security consulting, performing vulnerability assessments and penetration tests. While employed at one company, he was the sole developer of a program for collecting security-specific information (i.e., Registry entries, file information, configuration settings, etc.) from Windows NT systems during vulnerability assessments. Harlan has also done considerable work in the area of incident response and forensics, performing internal and external investigations. He has also written a number of proof-of-concept tools for educating users in such topics as Windows null sessions, file signature analysis, and the retrieval of metadata from a variety of files. Harlan has presented at Usenix, DefCon9, Black Hat, GMU2003 on various topics specific to issues on Windows platforms, such as data hiding. He has had articles published in the Information Security Bulletin and on the SecurityFocus web site.