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Gary Angel

GARY ANGEL (San Francisco Bay area, CA) is leader of Ernst & Young’s Digital Analytics Center of Excellence, and one of the world’s leading experts in digital measurement. Angel joined Ernst & Young when it acquired his previous company, Semphonic, which he co-founded and grew into one of the United States’ leading digital analytics practices. Voted 2012’s “Most Influential Industry Contributor” by the Digital Analytics Association, he writes an influential blog in the field (http://semphonic.blogs.com/semangel), and has published more than 20 whitepapers on advanced digital analytics practice. Angel has helped Fortune® 500 companies craft digital measurement and analytics strategies in industries ranging from financial services to technology, health/pharma to hospitality. His current practice focus areas include creating customer-driven digital models for big data systems, predictive dashboarding and forecasting, integrating enterprise VoC data into customer intelligence systems, and advanced digital segmentation. Angel founded the X Change Conference, now in its sixth year as the most prestigious digital measurement industry event.