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Robert Rosenberg

Jeremy Paquette is the manager of Virus Focus on SecurityFocus.com, one of the leading security and anti-virus Web sites in the industry. He writes and posts virus alerts, is chief editor of Virus Focus, and also moderates the Focus-Virus mailing lists, which has had postings from prestigious experts such as Rich Skrenta (author of the first wild virus) and Dr. Fred Cohen (the father of computer virus studies). Paquette is often cited as an anti-virus expert in articles posted on ZDNet, SA Computer Magazine, wirelessnewsfactor.com and SANS.

Sarah Gordon is a leading expert and researcher on computer viruses and security technology. Currently a senior research fellow at Symantec Corporation, she worked with the anti-virus science and technology R&D team at IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center for four years. She has been profiled in publications like Wired and Forbes, and she speaks frequently at leading security conferences and symposiums.