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Megan Stone

Megan Stone has her masters in science education and was a teacher in the Eden Prairie and Edina districts in Minnesota.  She has been working with students and faculty for over 15 years.  She is the founder and president of Stone Foundations of Learning. The mission of Stone Foundations of Learning, Inc., is to help students and faculty build confidence in and outside of the classroom by teaching organizational skills and improving their quality of work, while developing a student’s ability to advocate for themselves and encouraging them to take responsibility for their own actions through ownership. This confidence in the classroom then carries over to every aspect of their lives.  Stone Foundations of Learning is also committed to training educators in new educational techniques and helping them to teach their students how to take ownership over their educational experience.


The ‘Ownership Story’ began eleven years ago when Megan, an Edina, Minnesota, native and resident, stopped full-time teaching and started tutoring students in math and science. She quickly realized that the problem was not necessarily the subject matter, but that students often lacked the organizational skills and confidence they needed to succeed in school. She set out to develop a system that would help students thrive in school, as well as in life. In addition to caring for students’ needs, this system also enables parents and teachers to assist their students in the learning process.  Stone Foundations of Learning offers parent seminars, teacher seminars, individual parent training and one on one coaching for students.  Megan also consults with school districts and colleges to better equip faculty to handle students that lack the tools to “do” their job of being a student and help build educational ownership. 


For more information on Ownership, visit Megan’s website www.stonefoundations.net or contact her directly at megan@stonefoundations.net