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Greg Bernstein

GREG BERNSTEIN, chief consultant with Grotto Networking, served as Senior Technology Director for CIENA, supervising network control and management architectures. At Lightera Networks, he led the software development effort for a widely deployed optical switch, applying advanced signaling and routing techniques. He holds several optical networking patents.

BALA RAJAGOPALAN, Principal Architect at Tellium, has worked extensively on IP-centric control of optical networks and optical internetworking architectures. He has also researched IP and wireless data networks for AT&T Bell Laboratories, Bellcore, and NEC, and he has made significant contributions to IETF, ATM Forum, and Optical Interworking Forum standards.

DEBANJAN SAHA is a senior researcher at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. At IBM, Bell-Labs, and Tellium he designed and developed protocols for optical switches, IP routers, and Internet servers. He is one of the first developers of MPLS. All three authors are principal contributors to the IETF GMPLS standards.