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Robert A. Isaak

Robert A. Isaak is Henry George Professor of International Management at Pace University, New York. There, he teaches international management, comparative management, and creativity and entrepreneurship across cultures. Dr. Isaak's nine books include Green Logic, Managing World Economic Change, and Modern Inflation (with Wilhelm Hankel).

He has consulted for global enterprises including Siemens, Technicon, Prudential Intercultural, and Global Intercultural. He has also taught in many places in the world, including at the University of Heidelberg, Groupe École Superieure de Commerce de Grenoble, CERAM European Graduate School of Management in Sophia Antipolis, Franklin College in Lugano, The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Bologna, and New York University.

Dr. Isaak holds a B.A. from Stanford University and a Ph.D. from New York University.