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Jeanine A. Ingber

Dr. Delores M. Etter has been widely recognized for her innovative textbooks in problem solving for engineering and science students. She is currently holds the Texas Instruments Distinguished Chair in Engineering Education at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX.   She has been a member of the Electrical and Computing Engineering faculties at the United States Naval Academy, the University of Colorado, Boulder, and the University of New Mexico. She was also a Visiting Professor at Stanford University.  Dr. Etter is a member of the National Academy of Engineering , a fellow of IEEE, AAAS, and ASEE, and a former member of the National Science Board.

Jeanine A. Ingber is currently the Chief Technical Officer of ASAP, LLC, a limited liability company founded in 2009 that develops numerical solutions to application problems in engineering and physics.  She has held faculty positions at Iowa State University and the University of New Mexico and has received numerous teaching honors.