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J. Watts

Fintan Bolton is a software developer, consultant, and trainer for IONA Technologies, the world's leading developer of CORBA tools and software. Mr. Bolton has trained developers in the use of CORBA-based software such as Orbix, OrbixWeb, and OrbixOTM. He has also written technical documentation for many CORBA-based products, including the Wonderwall documentation (a firewall for CORBA applications), and the IIOP Engine (a low-level mini-Orb for embedded systems). Eamon Walshe is a Distinguished Engineer with IONA Technologies, the world leading CORBA and EJB software supplier. He has been building distributed systems for some time: initially using low-level TCP/IP communications or Sybase's Open Server products until he discovered Orbix(R) from IONA Technologies. After which he joined IONA as a consultant, training developers in the use of Orbix and OrbixOTM and helping users deploy CORBA based systems build with Orbix(R).