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D. Lee Fugal

Richard G. Lyons, consulting systems engineer and lecturer with Besser Associates, received the IEEE Signal Processing Society’s 2012 Educator of the Year Award and has taught DSP at the University of California, Santa Cruz Extension. Former associate editor for IEEE Signal Processing magazine, he created and edited its “DSP Tips and Tricks” column. His books include Understanding Digital Signal Processing, Third Edition (Prentice Hall, 2011).


D. Lee Fugal is president of S&ST Technical Consulting, chairman of the San Diego IEEE Signal Processing Society, and author of Conceptual Wavelets in Digital Signal Processing (Space & Signals Technical Publishing, 2009). Drawing on more than thirty years of industry experience, he teaches upper-division university courses in DSP and offers ATI short courses for working engineers throughout the United States. An IEEE Senior Member, he is a recipient of the IEEE’s Third Millennium Medal.