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Naomi Karten

NAOMI KARTEN is president of Karten Associates, based in Randolph, Massachusetts. Before forming her business in 1984, Naomi gained extensive experience in technical, customer support, and management positions. She has presented seminars and keynotes to more than 100,000 people internationally to help them deliver superior service, improve communication, strengthen teamwork, and build strong, trusting relationships. For eight years, she was also an instructor for the Weinberg and Weinberg workshop Problem Solving Leadership (PSL). Naomi is the author of several books and eBooks, including “Communication Gaps and How to Close Them” and “Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals.” Readers have described her newsletter, Perceptions & Realities (posted at www.nkarten.com/newslet.html), as lively, informative, and a breath of fresh air.