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Kashif Islam

Syed Farrukh Hassan has designed and deployed networks for 20+ years, and now consults with global 5G customers as Principal Telecommunications Architect at Red Hat. Previously, as a Cisco Senior Solutions Architect, he provided guidance, strategy, and advisory service to global mobile providers adopting innovative networking technologies and architectures. Alexander Orel has been designing, deploying and supporting large-scale, multivendor transport networks for major Internet and mobile service providers for more than two decades. In his previous tenure at Rogers Communication, and more recently as Solutions Architect at Cisco, he drove adoption and integration of bleeding edge network technologies, thus redesigning and rearchitecting mobile networks. Alexander currently works at Google. Kashif Islam, a 20+ year IT industry veteran, has architected complex, large-scale networks for some of the worlds largest wireline and mobile service providers during his work as Senior Solutions Architect at Cisco Systems. He is an O-RAN alliance contributor and currently a Principal Telecommunications Architect in Red Hat, helping mobile service providers transition their infrastructure to cloud-native 5G networks.