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Brett Fishburne

Richard Heathfield is a software consultant in the UK and director and chairman of Eton Computer Systems, Ltd. He has been programming with the ANSI C programming language commercially for almost 10 years. His experience includes writing a Y2K diagnostic engine, network synchronization software, code generators, testing tools and two Executive Information Systems. He specializes in writing across-platform software. In his spare time, he is working on a custom Internet/LAN applications for small-to-medium sized business based on a UDP/IP communications wrapper. Lawrence Kirby is a graduate of Cambridge University in England and has been programming with ANSI C for 10 years, mainly on communication and financial data related systems. He has contributed extensively to comp.lang.c and comp.std.c over the years, gaining a thorough knowledge of the language, closely following the development of the new C9X standard. He is considered one of the gurus of C and now the new C9X.