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Gandhi Sivakumar

Gandhi Sivakumar is an IBM Senior Certified Architect and service-oriented architecture (SOA) solution designer. Gandhi possesses 23 years of experience in the industry and has demonstrated technical leadership in large and complex programs of IBM including Telecom, Transport, Banking, and Human Services industries. Gandhi has been a technical champion in leading solution, integration, information, and infrastructure architectures across complex programs.

IBM honored Gandhi as Master Inventor for her innovations in addition to multiple Outstanding Technical Achievement Client Awards for the impact she created in client engagements. Gandhi has filed more than 70 patent applications spanning networks, infrastructure, data, integration, and others with IBM, and she holds a number of honorary roles within and outside IBM. Gandhi has published a number of papers and articles in IEEE and developerWorks. Gandhi served as a board member of the Australian Computer Society and has been portrayed as one of the leading technical women in IBM.