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Monica Beckwith

Charles J. Hunt is a Java performance engineer at Oracle. He works on both Java SE (Standard Edition) performance, as well as Java EE performance, and is responsible for improving the performance of the Java HotSpot VM and Java SE class libraries. He wrote his first Java application in 1998 and joined Sun Microsystems, Inc. in 1999 as a senior Java architect. He has been working on improving the performance of Java and Java applications ever since. He also worked recently as the architect of performance engineering at Salesforce.com, where he was responsible for improving the performance of Salesforce.com’s infrastructure, mobile, and UI, along with the evolution of internal performance tools. He is a regular speaker on the subject of Java performance at many world-wide conferences including JavaOne, QCon, Velocity and Dreamforce conferences. He is the coauthor of Java™ Performance (Addison-Wesley, 2012).


Poonam Bajaj is principal member of technical staff at Oracle. She was previously staff engineer at Sun Microsystems and Software Engineer at Satyam Computer Services Ltd. 

Bengt Rutisson, member of the HotSpot Group, has worked on HotSpot garbage collection for five years, and contributed more than one hundred changes to OpenJDK, including significant performance improvements. As development manager at Oracle, he specialized in JRockit garbage collection and memory management. 

Monica Beckwith, Java performance architect at Servergy, helps to build hyper-efficient servers that reduce energy, cooling, space, weight, water, and carbon footprint by 80 percent or more. She led Oracle’s Garbage First Garbage Collector performance team and was named a JavaOne 2013 Rock Star.