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Michael Lovelady

Michael Lovelady, CFA, ASA, EA, is the investment strategist and portfolio manager for Oceans 4 Capital Group LLC. Michael designs and implements reduced-volatility and theta-generating hedge fund investment strategies. He developed the “synthetic annuity” (SynA) and uses it extensively in portfolio management.

Prior to founding Oceans 4, Michael worked as a consulting actuary for Towers Watson and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Much of his work was related to design issues at a time when many employers were moving away from traditional defined benefit plans. Michael worked with clients to consider and implement alternatives ranging from defined contribution to hybrid DB/DC plans. His experience with retirement income strategies, from both the liability and asset sides, has given him a unique perspective.

Michael has also been involved in teaching and creating new methods for making quantitative investing more accessible to students, trustees, and others without math or finance backgrounds. He developed the investment profile--a graphical representation of investments and the basis of a simplified option pricing model, and visually intuitive presentations of structured securities.

Michael has served various organizations, including Hughes Aircraft, Boeing, Global Santa Fe, Dresser Industries, the Screen Actors Guild, The Walt Disney Company, Hilton Hotels, CSC, and the Depository Trust Company. He is a CFA charterholder, an Associate of the Society of Actuaries, and an ERISA Enrolled Actuary. He currently lives in Los Angeles.