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Christine Bresnahan

Richard Blum has worked in the IT industry for over 25 years as a network and systems administrator, managing Microsoft, Unix, Linux, and Novell servers for a network with more than 3,500 users. He has developed and teaches programming and Linux courses via the Internet to colleges and universities worldwide. Rich has a master’s degree in management information systems from Purdue University and is the author of several Linux books, including Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible (coauthored with Christine Bresnahan, 2011, Wiley), Linux for Dummies , 9th edition (2009, Wiley), and Professional Linux Programming (coauthored with Jon Masters, 2007, Wiley). When he’s not busy being a computer nerd, Rich enjoys spending time with his wife, Barbara, and two daughters, Katie Jane and Jessica.


Christine Bresnahan started working in the IT industry more than 25 years ago as a system administrator. Christine is currently an adjunct professor at Ivy Tech Community College in Indianapolis, Indiana, teaching Python programming, Linux system administration, and Linux security classes. Christine produces Unix/Linux educational material and is the author of Linux Bible , 8th edition (coauthored with Christopher Negus, 2012, Wiley) and Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible (coauthored with Richard Blum, 2011, Wiley).She has been an enthusiastic owner of a Raspberry Pi since 2012.