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Eric Harmon

Eric Harmon is Director of Software Development at Advanced Estimating Systems, Inc., located in Delray Beach, Florida. Advanced Estimating Systems is the developer of The EDGE, the industry standard in construction-estimating software. Eric is also a member of TPX (TurboPower experts), a volunteer group of programmers that assists the TurboPower Software company in providing support for its newsgroups. TurboPower is one of the premier providers of tools coded in Delphi for Delphi programmers. Eric was recruited by TurboPower as the original member of TPX in 1997. He has contributed Delphi- and COM-related articles to Visual Developer Magazine and is the author of the highly regarded book Delphi COM Programming (MTP/New Riders, 2000). Eric can be reached at Eric.Harmon@tpx.turbopower.com.