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Dominic Mazzoni

Dominic Mazzoni started Audacity in 1999 while he was a grad student at Carnegie Mellon University, studying under Dr. Roger Dannenberg. What began as a tool for visualizing waveforms that could run on Windows, Mac, and Linux, soon became a complete audio editor, though limited at first. Today, Dominic is one of several developers around the world who continue to improve Audacity, mostly in their spare time. When not working on Audacity, Dominic is a software engineer at Google, Inc. and enjoys playing the piano and composing music. He lives near Los Angeles, CA.

Scott Granneman is the author of several books on using open-source computer software, including Hacking Knoppix, "Linux Phrasebook", and "Don't Click on the Blue E! Switching to Firefox". He lives in St. Louis, Missouri.