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Charles Bookman

About the AuthorAbout the Author Charles Bookman fell in love with the personal computer when he was 12. He would stay after school to teach himself programming on the Commodore Pet. His experiences with Linux started during the 2.0.30 days, when he took the work computer at his counseling job and converted it into something that nobody there had ever seen. After they fired him, he knew that he was on to something, and has been a Linux evangelist ever since. Charles' hobbies include being up to no good, using sarcasm, listening to music, being snobbish about art, playing bass and guitar, and painting and drawing when he finds the time. He'll kick your butt at table tennis, and is learning a great game of pool as well. Charles currently works at the University of the Pacific as a UNIX systems administrator, maintaining its high-performance cluster. He runs a design company, and consults in his spare time. © Copyright Pearson Education. All rights reserved.