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Kyle Richter

Kyle Richter is the founder of Dragon Forged Software, an award-winning iOS and Mac Development Company, and co-founder of Empirical Development, a for-hire iOS shop. Kyle began writing code in the early 1990s and has always been dedicated to the Mac platform. He has written several books on iOS development, as well as articles on many popular developer blogs and websites. He manages a team of more than 20 full-time iOS developers and runs day-to-day operations at three development companies. Kyle travels the world speaking on development and entrepreneurship; currently he calls Key West his home, where he spends his time with his border collie Landis.


Joe Keeley is the CTO of Dragon Forged Software, and Project Lead at Empirical Development. Joe works on Resolve and Slender, and has led a number of successful client projects to completion. He has liked writing code since first keying on an Apple II, and has worked on a wide variety of technology and systems projects in his career. Joe has presented several different technical topics at iOS and Mac conferences around the U.S. Joe lives in Denver, Colorado, with his wife and two daughters, and hopes to get back into competitive fencing again in his spare time.