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Scott Kveton

Jason Glaspey  is a freelance interactive producer who works with a wide range of clients creating interactive content. Jason has been building websites and online tools for himself for years now as a way to escape the client work that kept him busy during the day. By constantly fiddling and testing opportunities online, he's continuously refined the way in which new businesses are created in a day where much of what you need can be acquired with a laptop and an internet connection. His professional experience consists of global brands such as Nike, Burton Snowboards, Starbucks, and Nokia, to small local companies native to his hometown of Portland, Oregon.

Scott Kveton is an entrepreneur who lives and works in Portland, Oregon. He is currently the co-founder and CEO a mobile phone infrstructure company called Urban Airship and has been active with a variety of startups and open source/standards groups over the past 15 years. Beyond technology, Scott is an avid gardener, from-scratch pizza maker and of course, bacon lover.