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James Webber

DR. SANDEEP CHATTERJEE is a seasoned technology expert and business professional with over a decade of hands-on contributions as a technologist, consultant, entrepreneur, and author. He is Chief Technology Officer of a startup focused on Web services delivery and management, and also serves as a Chief Technology Consultant for Fortune-100 and major not-for-profit organizations including Hewlett-Packard and ACCION International. Sandeep served on the Expert Group that specified the worldwide standard for mobile Web services, and was the lead of Hewlett-Packard's Web Services Mediation Platform. He was also Entrepreneur-in-Residence at FidelityCAPITAL, the VC arm of Fidelity Investments. Sandeep holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where his research in mobile systems was selected as one of the top 35 inventions in the 35-year history of MIT's Laboratory for Computer Science.

DR. JAMES WEBBER is an architect and Web Services fanatic at Arjuna Technologies where he works on Web services transaction and Grid computing technology. Prior to joining Arjuna Technologies, he was the lead developer with Hewlett-Packard working on their BTP-based Web Services Transactions product--the industry's first Web Services Transaction solution. An active speaker and Web Services proponent, Jim is a co-author of the WS-CAF suite of specifications. Jim holds a B.Sc. in Computing Science and Ph.D. in Parallel Computing both from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.