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Deborah Radcliff

Deborah Radcliff is an authoritative, award-winning investigative writer on computer crime and security. Since researching the life of infamous hacker, Kevin Mitnick, in 1994 for a best selling book, Radcliff's published several hundred security and online safety articles in business and consumer magazines including Computerworld, Network World, Upside, IndustryWeek, CNN, the Register, Better Homes and Gardens and many others. Her articles about online kiddie porn, identity theft, stalking, spyware, computer damage, and corporate espionage are often cited in documentaries and training materials. Radcliff's research has shown that Internet criminals are getting more organized and technically savvy enough to fool even the seasoned Internet user, while staying a step ahead of law enforcement. "Internet crime will continue well into the foreseeable future," she says. "It'll take years for Internet Service Providers, laws, international enforcement and regulations to effectively reign it in."