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Francesca Taylor

Francesca Taylor is the principal of Taylor Associates, a specialist financial training company that designs training and development programs for clients with needs in FX and Money Markets, Derivatives, Capital Markets and Treasury techniques. Understanding and recognizing money laundering and the abuse of traditional and derivative products are also key areas.

She has worked in the City for 13 years and prior to this spent four years with BICC plc, one of the UK's largest companies, where she learned her basic treasury skills. She then joined Midland Bank and worked through the "Big Bang," when Midland combined with Samuel Montagu to form Midland Montagu, and through the period when HSBC became involved with Midland, eventually forming HSBC Midland.

When the derivatives market really started to erupt, Francesca taught the bank's customers the variety of ways in which derivatives could be useful.

During her career, Francesca has followed each of the four major areas within banking and finance. She has been a corporate, a banker, a broker, and a consultant, leading her to be ideally placed to offer independent training and product education to clients.