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Mariya Breyter

Mariya Breyter brings more than 20 years of leadership experience to the Agile and Lean community. Her passion for creating high-performance organizations had produced success after success in companies ranging from Big 4 consulting and Fortune 100 insurance and financial services firms to Silicon Valley giants. Mariya has a Ph.D. in Computational Linguistics followed by a Post-Doctorate at Stanford University. Besides her full-time product and project management jobs, Mariya teaches Agile Project Management, Project Management Principles in IT, and other graduate and professional studies courses at NYU. She is a frequent conference speaker, including a keynote at Product World 2021 and regular presentations at the annual Agile Conference, Agile DevOps, Project Management Institute events, meetups, and user groups. Her article was published in the Best Agile Articles 2020 collection. When Mariya is not sharing her knowledge with the community, she is most likely busy running her family in Scrums or joining her kids for a standup. In her spare time, Mariya runs her website, agileleantransformation.com.