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Rich Bowen

Rich Bowen has been running Apache since the initial public release,and was running NCSA HTTPd before that. Rich has been contributing to the Apache documentation project for about two years, and has written a number of tutorials for the Apache docs. You can see the Apache documentation, which is the result of the efforts of a large group of documentation writers, at http://httpd.apache.org/docs/.

Rich is the CTO of Cooper McGregor, Inc, in Wilmore, Kentucky. CooperMcGregor specializes in Apache training and services, offering training courseson the Apache Server, Web application development in mod_perl and CGI,and a variety of consulting and support services for Apache and relatedtechnologies, including technical support for the Apache Server itself. CooperMcGregor can be found on the Web at http://www.CooperMcGregor.com/

Rich is a founding member, and Education Director, of the Lexington Professional Linux Users Group(http://www.LPLUG.org/), a professional organization dedicated to the promotion of Open Source technology,and Linux in particular, in the Lexington area.

Rich has spoken about Apache at a variety of conferences, includingApacheCon, Comdex, and the O'Reilly Open Source Software Convention.

You can reach Rich with questions, comments, errata, and kudos at http://www.ApacheAdmin.com/.