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Clifford J. Berg

Cliff Berg has been a pioneer in the use of Internet technologies and software development methodologies to build scalable and reliable enterprise systems. Cliff was co-founder and CTO of Digital Focus, a company that specializes in the use of Agile methods for developing enterprise-class systems, profitably executes most projects on a fixed-price basis, and which was voted the eighth fastest growing company in the Washington DC metropolitan area based on five years of revenue growth. Cliff was also a member of the team that developed the feature-driven design (FDD) approach (a pre-agile methodology) from 1997 to 1999; the team also included Peter Coad, Jeff DeLuca, and David Anderson. Today, Cliff is president and founder of Assured By Design, which helps enterprises incorporate assurance into their software creation processes and systems – without sacrificing agility.

In addition to assurance-based agile and FDD methodologies, Cliff is an expert in architectural quality audits and assessments in the areas of design integrity and scalability, and is a world-renowned expert on J2EE technologies. Cliff was the sole author of Advanced Java Development For Enterprise Applications, published by Prentice Hall under Sun Microsystems' official Java Series and translated into Japanese, and the very first book to cover Java enterprise application architecture issues in an in-depth manner. Cliff also authored the 800 page second edition, Advanced Java 2 Development For Enterprise Applications. Cliff has written approximately 30 articles in various magazines, and founded the Java Q&A Column in Dr. Dobbs Journal, which was the most popular Java technology column during the two years that Cliff wrote the column.

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