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Siddhartha Rao

Siddhartha Rao is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Visual C++ and a moderator at one of the Internet's most vibrant online development communities, CodeGuru.com. "Sid," as he is popularly known, is an expert in the Windows programming domain, and is experienced in the architecture and development of driver and application software using C++ and other modern programming languages. Currently employed by a German software giant, he specializes in software landscape management and best practices in software development. With the international experience of having lived and worked in three countries behind him, he believes that the travel bug has bit him, and firmly so! Sid speaks many languages that have nothing to do with programming, and when he's not working, you will find him discovering new places on the planet, or shooting--using his Canon, of course!


Jesse Liberty is the author of numerous books on software development, including best-selling titles on C++ and .NET. He is the President of Liberty Associates, Inc., where he provides custom programming, consulting, and training.


Bradley L. Jones, Microsoft MVP for Visual C++, runs a number of software development sites including Developer.com, CodeGuru.com, DevX, VBForums, Gamelan, and other JupiterWeb-owned sites.