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Robert Ashton

Robert Ashton is a successful serial entrepreneur and community activist. Since deciding in 2000 that there really is more to life than money, Robert has completely transformed his life:

* Selling his business to give him the freedom to explore

* Learning to give family events the same priority as business meetings

* Developing a hobby in writing for national consumer magazines

* Deciding, with just a few years to go, to be debt free at 50 and achieving it 16 weeks after his 50th birthday.

* Starting Norfolk Community Foundation to link local 'haves' and 'have nots'

* Taking up running and completing his first marathon within a year.

He donates 10% of his working time to prop bono assignments where he can add value. In 2006, these include work with Rethink, The Prince's Trust, the RSA and Norfolk Community Foundation.

Robert passionately believes that small steps in the right direction are the secret to complete life change.