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Richard Heathfield

About the Author

Richard Heathfield is a software developer for (and owner of) Eton Computer Systems Ltd. Having written code for several insurance companies, a health authority, a bank, and an airline, he is beginning to wonder if he'll ever find a client using C++ Builder. He currently lives near Potterspury, Northamptonshire (in the UK) with his wife, three wonderful children, network of five PCs, and more C compilers than he knows what to do with. He stopped voiding main() shortly beforebecoming a regular contributor to comp.lang.c, a fact for which he is eternally grateful. He hosts and maintains comp.lang.c's Answers To K&R Exercises site. He spends far too much time in Yahoo! Chat, rejoicing in the 'nick' of C_Dreamer, and would like to use this opportunity to say 'hi' to everyone in the Programming room there. His current interests are TCP/IP programming, automated C code generation, C99, and coffee. When he's not programming or chatting about programming or writing about programming (or drinking coffee), he plays keyboards and electric guitar, far too loudly. Richard may be reached at http://users.powernet.co.uk/eton.