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Chris Lilley

Chris Lilley has been employed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) since April 1996. There, he is the Graphics Activity Lead and a member of the Technical Architecture Group (TAG). He chairs the current SVG Working Group and was also chair and team contact for the previous SVG Working Group. He has also been a member of the HTML and XSL Working Groups and was for five years chair of the CSS Working Group. He has spoken at numerous Web, XML, Graphics, and Internationalization conferences and is a member of the conference committee for the Unicode, XML Europe, and SVG Open conferences.

Prior to working for the W3C, he was a staff member at the Computer Graphics Unit, University of Manchester, England, where he participated in the standardization of HTML 2.0 and the development of the PNG format. He holds a BSc with honors in Biochemistry from the University of Stirling, Scotland; an MSc in Computing from the University of York, England; and a postgraduate diploma in bioinformatics from the Global Network Academy. Chris contributed Chapter 27 and the Foreword.

Daniel J. Ayers is a freelance developer and author who specializes in leading-edge Internet technologies, primarily using server-side Java and XML. He lives in rural Italy with his wife Caroline and cat Sassi. He is a strong advocate of SVG, believing that it will play an important role in the next-generation Web. Danny contributed Chapters 13, 17, 19, 20, and Appendix A.

Randy George has had a long history with graphics programming going back to his college days in the early seventies. He is currently CTO of Geotechnologies, Inc., as well as the owner of Micro Map & CAD. He has developed a number of map translation programs for the CAD market and also authored more than a dozen articles for journals in the CAD and GIS industries. As CTO for Geotechnologies, he has developed a number of SVG prototypes for the GIS, AEC, and FMS industries as well as some medical and military applications. Over the last couple of years, he has become increasingly excited about the potential for SVG/XML coupled with server-side Java and native XML databases. When not experimenting with SVG and Java, he helps out around the house in Colorado, homeschooling some of his eight children. Randy contributed Chapters 24-26.

Christian Wenz is author of more than two dozen books. He specializes in Web programming and Web scripting (most notable publications are on JavaScript, ASP/ASP.NET, PHP, and WAP; some of them translated into other languages). He is also a regular speaker at both national and international conferences. He lives in Munich, Germany. Christian contributed Chapters 14-16, 18, 22, and 23 jointly with Tobias Hauser.

Tobias Hauser is author of more than 20 books on various topics of computing and the Internet. Apart from Web development, his second focus is on graphics. He has written books on ASP.NET, GIMP, Photoshop, Web Publishing, and PHP and WAP, among other topics. He lives and works in southern Germany. Tobias contributed Chapters 14-16, 18, 22, and 23 jointly with Christian Wenz.

Kevin Lindsey currently lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with his wife Liz. He has been involved in the publishing and medical industries for more than 10 years. Kevin has been an active member in the SVG community since 2000 and frequently posts to Yahoo!'s SVG Developers group. He is also the maintainer of and sole contributor to the KevLinDev.com Web site. Kevin contributed Chapter 21.

Niklas Gustavsson has taken up technical management, doing mostly Web application development while on sabbatical from his work as a molecular biologist studying regulatory mechanisms in E. coli. in Gothenburg, Sweden. In his spare time, he's involved in several open-source projects, keeps his blog and experiments at protocol7.com and is the housekeeper of the SVG-wiki (http://www.protocol7.com/svg-wiki). When away from computers, he is planning his upcoming wedding, rides his mountain bike, or spends time with friends. Niklas contributed Appendixes B, C, and D.