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Rodger Lea

RODGER LEA is Vice President and Director of the Distributed Systems Lab within Sony¿s US Research Labs. Lea has led development of HAVi technology within Sony, and is author of Java for 3D and VRML Worlds (New Riders).

SIMON GIBBS is a Principal Engineer at Sony's Distributed Systems Lab. Gibbs edited the HAVi 1.0 specification, and is author of Multimedia Programming: Objects, Environments and Frameworks (Addison Wesley).

RAVI GAUBA is a Software Engineer at Sony¿s Distributed Systems Lab. A key implementer of the HAVi Java programming environment within Sony, Gauba participated in HAVi interoperability tests.

RAM BALARAMAN is co-founder and Vice President of Engineering at VividLogic. He edited the HAVi Java Specification 1.0 and leads HAVi implementation at VividLogic.