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Laurie Ulrich

Michael Wessler received his B.S. in Computer Technology from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. He is an Oracle Certified Database Administrator for Oracle 8 and 8i. He has administered Oracle databases on NT, and various flavors of Unix, and Linux at several different companies ranging from a handful of employees to IT staffs in the thousands. Included in this experience is working at a true .com startup and managing a mission-critical OPS database on a Sun Cluster. Michael has also programmed professionally in COBOL, SQL, and PL/SQL.

Currently, he is an Oracle consultant for Perpetual Technologies working at the Department of Defense in Indianapolis, Indiana. Michael is coauthor of Oracle Unleashed, Second Edition; Unix Primer Plus, Third Edition; and COBOL Unleashed.

Michael can be reached at mwessler@yahoo.com.