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Gerald Appel

About the Author

Gerald Appel has, since 1973, published Systems and Forecasts, a leading technical analysis publication. Appel is legendary for his work in technical analysis and market timing, including the creation of Moving Average Convergence-Divergence (MACD), one of the field's most widely used tools. His numerous books include, among others, Winning Market Systems: 83 Ways to Beat the Market, Stock Market Trading Systems (with Fred Hitschler), New Directions in Technical Analysis (with Dr. Martin Zweig), The Big Move, and Time-Trend III. His company, Signalert Corporation, and affiliates, currently manages more than $550,000,000 in investor capital. Appel has trained thousands of traders through his world-renowned video and audio tapes, seminars, and workbooks. He recently taught a series of four-day international master classes on investing and trading strategies in partnership with Dr. Alex Elder. As Appel puts it, "I have never lost anything by giving ideas away. If people find it useful, it makes me feel good."

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