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Steve Aukstakalnis

Steve Aukstakalnis is a former research scientist and Director of the Virtual Environment and Interactive Systems Program at the National Science Foundation's Engineering Research Center for Computational Field Simulation. There, his work focused on the application of advanced visual displays and interactive techniques in such areas as architecture, engineering, scientific visualization, and national defense. He has served on the research staff at the University of Washington, as well as on the faculty of Mississippi State University. Steve has served an invited lecturer, instructor, and researcher on the topic of virtual reality and advanced visual simulation for such organizations as the Department of Defense, U.S. Army, Naval Oceanographic Office, National Reconnaissance Office, University of Michigan, Pepperdine University, Purdue University, Dartmouth College, National Taiwan University, the Smithsonian Institution, and a host of other universities, corporations, and government agencies across North America and around the world.