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Mark Kadrich

For the past 20 years, Mark Kadrich has been a contributing member of the security community. His strengths are in systems-level design, policy generation, endpoint security, and risk management. Mr. Kadrich has been published numerous times and is an avid presenter.


Mr. Kadrich is presently president and CEO of The Security Consortium (TSC), a privately held company whose mission is to provide better security product knowledge to their customers. TSC performs in-depth testing and evaluation of security products and the vendors that provide them. As CEO and chief evangelist, Mr. Kadrich is responsible for ensuring that the company continues to grow successfully. After the Symantec acquisition of Sygate Technologies, Mr. Kadrich took a position as senior manager of network and endpoint security with Symantec. His role was to ensure that the Symantec business units correctly interpreted security policy during their pursuit of innovative technology solutions.


Mr. Kadrich was senior scientist with Sygate Technologies prior to the Symantec acquisition. In his role as senior scientist, Mr. Kadrich was responsible for developing corporate policies, understanding future security trends, managing government certification programs, and evangelizing on demand. Mr. Kadrich joined Sygate through the acquisition of a start-up company (AltView) of which he was a founding member. As a founding member of AltView, Mr. Kadrich was the principal architect of a system that scanned and contextualized the network, the endpoints on it, and built a detailed knowledge base. Eventually known as Magellan, the system could determine what endpoints were on a network, how the network was changing, what endpoints were manageable, and if they were being managed.


As CTO/CSO for LDT Systems, Mr. Kadrich assisted with the development and support of a Web-based system used to securely capture and track organ-donor information. Mr. Kadrich was director of technical services for Counterpane Internet Security. He was responsible for the generation of processes that supported and improved Counterpane’s ability to deploy and support customer-related security activities Mr. Kadrich was director of security for Conxion Corporation. As the director of security, his role was to plot the strategic course of Conxion’s information security solutions.


Prior to Conxion, he was a principal consultant for International Network Services (INS), for which he created a methodology for performing security assessments and interfaced with industry executives to explain the benefits of a well-implemented security program.


Mr. Kadrich is a CISSP, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Phoenix, and has degrees in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering (Memphis, 1979). Publications contributed to include TCP Unleashed, Publish Magazine, Planet IT, RSA, CSI, and The Black Hat Briefings.