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Brandon James Carroll

Brandon James Carroll, CCNA, CCNP, CCSP, is one of the country's leading instructors for Cisco security technologies, teaching classes that include the CCNA, CCNP, CCSP courses, a number of the CCVP courses, as well as custom developed courseware.  In his 6 years with Ascolta, Brandon has developed and taught many private Cisco courses for companies such as Boeing, Intel, and Cisco itself. He is a certified Cisco instructor and the author of Cisco Access Control Security.

Prior to becoming a technical instructor for Ascolta, Mr. Carroll was a technician and an ADSL specialist for GTE Network Services and Verizon Communications.  His duties involved ISP router support and network design. As a lead engineer, he tested and maintained Frame Relay connections between Lucent B-STDX and Cisco routers. His team was in charge of troubleshooting ISP Frame Relay to ATM cut-overs for ADSL customers. Brandon trained new employees at Verizon to the EPG in ADSL testing and troubleshooting procedures and managed a “Tekwizard” database for technical information and troubleshooting techniques. Mr. Carroll majored in Information Technology at St. Leo University.