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Kay Svela Walker

Kay Walker is a life hacker. She teaches people noninvasive tools—neuroplasticity exercises, emotional IQ skills, and personal development tactics—they can use to access their full potential and overcome their biological limitations that hold them back from living a life they love. She’s the creator of AwesomeLifeClub.com, an exclusive club for individuals who want to learn tangible tools they can use to become super performers in all areas of life.

Walker is well known for her advocacy work in the mental health field. She runs a resource site Depression Zone (http://depression.zone) where she provides online support, books, courses, and private coaching services for people suffering from depression.

She’s also married to coauthor Andy Walker. It’s not the first project the two have collaborated on. They run a digital marketing agency, Cyberwalker Digital (based in Tampa, Florida) where they teach businesses and entrepreneurs how to strategically market their businesses on the Internet.

Though she’s well-versed in digital marketing, Kay is the least “techie” of the three authors. She helped refine Super You into a book for a mainstream audience. She also brings a female perspective to some of the more gender-specific topics covered in the book, such as designer babies and cosmetic surgery.