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Wynne A. Whitman

Wynne A. Whitman, Esq.,is a Partner in the Tax, Trusts, and Estates Department at Schenck, Price, Smith and King, LLP, where she specializes in estate planning and administration and other tax-related issues. She has been quoted in more than two dozen print and Web publications, ranging from Men’s Health andMore Magazine to CBSMarketwatch.com and CNN Financial. Ms.Whitman advises individuals and families on ordering their legal affairs to ensure their wants and wishes are carried out and their loved ones cared for. She has worked extensively with families, including many 9/11 victims, as they tried to put the pieces together after the death of a loved one who failed to organize his or her affairs.


Shawn D. Glisson, M.D., F.A.C.P., is a leading oncologist and hematologist who specializes in providing the most current options to patients with tragic prognoses. He is a partner at the Kentuckiana Cancer Institute; President and CEO of Klêron Technology Corporation; President and Chairman of The American Cancer Biorepository, Inc., a charitable cancer research organization; and Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of Louisville. Dr. Glisson is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserve Medical Corps and formerly was a trained minister for the churches of Christ.


In their respective professions, Ms. Whitman and  Dr. Glisson address life-and-death issues with their clients and patients every day. This book shares their collective first-hand experiences and knowledge to guide individuals in both sickness and in health.