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Hagen Green

Scott Roberts is a Senior Development Lead in the InfoPath team at Microsoft Corporation. Scott has been a developer on the InfoPath team since the initial inception of the product and was one of four developers who worked on the prototype for what later would become the InfoPath form template designer. Now Scott leads a team of developers who are responsible for various features in InfoPath, including template parts and custom controls implemented with ActiveX, the built-in InfoPath controls, and the Word and Excel importers, to name a few. Scott is the author of Programming Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 (Microsoft Press), as well as many technical articles and publications.

Hagen Green is a Software Design Engineer in Test II with the InfoPath team at Microsoft Corporation. He has been with the team since the advent of XDocs, the codenamed predecessor of InfoPath. Hagen has worked on InfoPath features such as the designer platform, XSL support, Web services and DataSets, and most recently on InfoPath Forms Services. Hagen has also recorded Webcast talks on advanced InfoPath features and contributed the InfoPath chapter to Visual Studio Tools for Office (Addison-Wesley).