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Robert Haskins

Author Bio: Slamming Spam

Slamming Spam: A Guide for System Administrators

Author Bio

After a 10-year career as a UNIX sys admin, ROBERT HASKINS is Director of Information Technology at ZipLink, an Internet connectivity provider. Haaskins resides in Amherst, New Hampshire.

DALE NIELSEN is a sys admin and sendmail specialist. He has more than 16 years' experience maintaining UNIX-based servers, firewalls, and workstations. Nielsen is a partner in Avacoda Consulting. Nielsen resides in Amherst, Massachusetts.

ROB KOLSTAD is very well known in the UNIX and networking communities. Rob is currently Director of SAGE, the System Administrators' Guild. He cofounded BSDI, a company originally devoted to building commercial releases of BSD. Kolstad resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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