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Sudhir Modali

Muhammad Abid holds Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from City University of New York and an Executive Masters in Technology Management from Stevens Institute of Technology New Jersey. Muhammad has 15 years of experience that spans working for Small, Medium Enterprises and a Global Service Provider. Currently, Muhammad is working in the areas of Unified Communications, Cloud Computing, and Security. Muhammad lives in San Jose, CA.

Huseni Saboowala holds a Bachelors degree in Electronics Engineering from Bombay University, Mumbai, India and a Masters degree in Software Engineering from Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS. Currently he works as a Technical Leader in Unified Communications, Cloud Computing and Security at Cisco. Huseni lives in Fremont, CA.


Sudhir Modali has 15 years of experience in networking in areas including customer support, testing, technical marketing and product management. During these years he has worked with diverse market segments such as Enterprise, Data Center, Cloud and Service Provider; on technologies including Ethernet, ATM, FR, VoIP, Video, Switching, Routing and MPLS. Sudhir lives in Milpitas, CA.